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MEDxPRIME - MEDxPRIME -Is composed of 3 separate but integrated activities designed for patients to have better outcomes while at the same time reducing the stress that physicians are now experiencing and improving the physicians ' financial bottom line'.

(Enhance Patient Care- Improves Outcomes, Better Billing Solutions-Creates a Stronger Practice)

1. Pharmacogenetic Testing- a LIFE SAVING Program Increasing the Safety and Efficacy of Prescription Drug Therapy aimed to eliminate Adverse Reactions from medications by providing physicians with information based on Genetic Testing thereby giving them the “Right Information, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right from the beginning.”

2. An Annual Medical Visit Program (AWV360) .
 Annual Wellness Visits . A Preventative Medical Service that improves patient’s health and well-being while creating new revenue to/for the medical practice.  
Over 50,000,000 Seniors are encouraged to take advantage of this Preventative Medical Service every year. 
Our Program can add substantial income to the medical practice that provides this Service. 

https://vimeo.com/financialhalo/review/176516861/91cb5c3906 (This is a 15 minute video describing the Program)

3. 'Business Advisors MD' is a Forensic Insurance Accounts Receivable Recovery Program. 
Our suite of services includes a unique and proprietary forensic insurance accounts receivable service that helps doctors recover claims that have been denied by the Insurance Companies and Medicare and are deemed noncollectable. This can return tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the to the doctor’s bottom line that was not expected to be recovered.